Target’s January Beauty Box



I received this month’s box about three weeks ago, but I can honestly say I’ve been sampling and loving what I’ve tried. I’ll be sure to post a lot sooner for February’s box if I decide to purchase it. This month, in addition to Target offering the women and men’s box, they had a box #2 for women to choose from and I absolutely love it!

If you are’t used to Target’s beauty boxes, here’s the break down: 1. You can’t sign up for it, they’re simply released once a month on their website. 2. You SEE/KNOW everything that is in the box before you purchase it and they’re cheap. 3. There’s no specific date on when they’re released each month… If there is, I just don’t know it yet. If you subscribe to my blog, I’ll be sure to write a post as soon as I see it online so you can head over to buy for yourself ! February’s box should be releasing within the next week or two based on when I received this months’.

These are real everyday items (that I can use) and the best thing is that it was $5 + tax AND Free Shipping ! I believe it took about a week for me to receive it, but that is fine by me. The only items I have not used are the Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls (I used to use this brand for my hair 3-4 years ago), Shea Moisture Nourish and Silken Shampoo and Conditioner and the Simple Cleansing facial Wipes (used in the past, no rush to try them now.) I will get to them, I just haven’t had a need for them yet as I am also still using products from the December’s box.

Both, The Palmer’s Coconut Oil lotion and Carol’s Daughter leave-in condition hair spray smell amazing ! If you are sensitive to smell, I would pass on these items. The body lotion is a thin consistency and absorbs pretty fast as well as the Vaseline lotion. They are light so I would not recommend using them during the Winter as after a few hours, my skin was a bit dry and ashy. However, they’re great for spring and fall weather if you are in a mild temperature area. The leave-in conditioner, my favorite product of this month and I also have the hair detangling cream that goes with this (pervious buy), allow you to spray directly where your hair is dry or all over your head after being washed or for a quick touch-up. It isn’t oily and absorbs pretty quick into the scalp. Mane ‘n Tail, my mom used this in my hair until I was about 9 years old, the smell is decent, nothing to complain or too special about with this product, same with the Colgate Enamel Health toothpaste. I do love that the toothpaste is full-sized so it’s practically the cost of the total box alone. I actually purchased this toothpaste a month ago from my local supermarket so I’ve been using it for the past 6 weeks, not sure how to tell if it’s really protecting my enamel, but it says it does? lol

What do you think? What were your favorite products from this month if you have it? If not, Would you buy this box for $5 ?

February’s Target Box !


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