3 Things You’ve Learned From Working a Wide Variety of Jobs


If you’re like me, you may have had a range of jobs since the age of 16 , if not 15! Amongst my friends, many of our first jobs were at a retail establishment whether food, clothing and/or anything in between. It’s pretty common for high schoolers and college students to work during school breaks so every year their gig could be totally different from the previous year, that’s okay and in my book, it’s a good thing. If you’re like me, you may still be on the journey of finding your true passion and is continuing to go from job-t0-job, but the only difference between now and the past, you may be working in an office, military or have your own online business. I know many people who like to dismiss having these wide variety jobs, but you typically learn at least 3 things from every job you take. All you have to do is make multiple resumes for the wide range of fields and you’re set, but don’t just brush the experience off because it was at a fast-food joint. Here are 3 skills you’ve probably picked up from working a variety of multiple jobs that are actually bonuses:

  1. People and Diversity Skills – When you go from working at a clothing retail establishment to interning for a local organization, you’ll learn that the office etiquette is totally different, but having worked in either or whereever for a period of time, you’ve learned to adapt quickly to diverse settings, playing your part in a team ( I hope ! ), communicating properly with different manager types, and learned to work in a fast pace setting as well.
  2. Your passion – When you don’t know what your passion or life’s purpose is, it’s always recommended to just try new things, or try doing as many things that you have a slight interest in and see what holds your attention for more than a few months. When you’ve worked different types of jobs, not only are you learning new skills, you’re also “testing” whether the job or career is something you can see yourself doing long term so this is a major perk that’s contributed more to the long term picture.
  3. What you don’t want – This is my absolute favorite one, I’ve worked at quite a few places that I really wanted to work at and when I got there, I hated it ! Luckily, they were things that I wouldn’t have to list on my resume or need a reference to get another job, but this is definitely a great thing so you can cross this job/field off your list and you’re one step closer to finding a job you will like.

I’m sure there are others skills, but these are my top 3 points, what are some other points you’d say you’ve learned from having multiple types of jobs ?


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